There are many different heating systems used in apartments and condos in North America. Not all units have air conditioning or cooling, especially if they are located in the Pacific Northwest, but it is becoming more commonplace as buyers demand to be comfortable no matter what the weather.

Electric baseboards

Many apartment and condo units have baseboard heating, which is cost-effective for developers to install, but can be expensive for the owners to operate as they are not very efficient and consume a lot of electricity.

Hot water heating

Hot water heating is an older technology that is making a comeback. Forget the leaky, noisy radiators of the past, hot water heating today is efficient, quiet and delivers a great warmth.

Forced air

Forced air, usually with the ability to switch between heating and cooling, is often found in higher end apartments and offers the opportunity to automate temperature control with wi-fi connected controls such as the Nest Learning Thermostat.


Geothermal is another heating system that is becoming more common and is worth considering. While there is a larger upfront cost, once installed, the savings can be significant. Geothermal heat pumps are one way to extract warm air from the earth, which can be used to heat your home, and cool it in the summer. The temperature of the ground six metres below the surface is consistently at the Mean Annual Air Temperature.

Heated floors

Heated floors are also increasing in popularity, especially in northern climates. It’s often an option in newer construction, usually in the bathroom and sometimes the kitchen. Where ever there is tile floor, heated floors can make those first steps in the morning a whole lot more comfortable. It’s a common upgrade when renovating an existing bathroom or kitchen, as it’s relatively easy to lay the heating mats on the floor surface before layering the tile floor over top.