Hardwood flooring is making a comeback. Once only seen in character homes and older buildings, hardwood flooring is increasingly used in new construction, and there are many different options available.

While it looks great, hardwood flooring can get quite dusty, requiring frequent vacuuming and mopping. It is definitely better than carpet if you have pets, but it does show every spot of dust and hair, especially if it’s a darker finish.

There are many new laminate and vinyl flooring options on the market, which are less expensive and just as durable as hardwood, but with the same look. They can also be easier to clean.

Tile flooring best for warmer climates

Tile flooring can be cold in the morning, and don’t work well in living areas in colder, northern climates like Canada and the northern U.S.

In warm climates like the American southwest, tile floors are an excellent option as they stay cool in the summer and don’t retain heat. Adding area rugs can help make tile floors more comfortable in cooler months.

Glazed ceramic floor tiles are also impervious to water and stains, which makes them a low maintenance option.

Carpet nice in the bedroom – not so much in the bathroom

Carpet in the bathroom
There was once a time when carpet in the bathroom was considered trendy. Credit: Phillip Stewart/Flickr

Carpet is nice to have in the bedroom, but can hard to keep clean if used in main living areas. It also requires replacement every 10-15 years unless it’s vacuumed several times a week. High traffic areas can also show signs of wear and tear.

One place where you definitely do not want carpet is in the bathroom. Believe or not, there was once a time in home decor where carpet in the bathroom was in vogue, and you may encounter it in your home search, especially if you’re looking at older units.

There’s too much moisture in bathrooms, and mold can easily grow once water gets trapped under the carpet.

It’s important to remember when searching for your first apartment or condo that while flooring is important, it’s something that can be changed relatively easily and inexpensively.